Books by Kate A. Hardy

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The Hundred and Fifty-Eighth Book

Overview: After finding a mysterious book entitled ‘Five’ in his overlooked bookshop, Hamish’s life rockets into elated chaos.

Published: Due for publication 2018

Language: English

ISBN: 978-0-244-01977-8


Overview: The second book in the Londonia series.

Published: Self-published but re-write on ending in progress

Language: English


Overview: A dyst-hopian (dystopia with hope) novel set in London at the end of the twenty-first century. First of the ‘Londonia’ series.

Published: Self-published and available on Lulu publishing. Awaiting new cover design before going mainstream. Or book can be ordered directly from me with hand-made, individual, ‘Sureditch publishing 2070 cover’. Please email me for details. 

Pages: 317

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-291-31138-4

Dog, and other tales

Overview: A collection of unrelated short stories involving space vehicles, confusion over small words in the English language, the possible existence of Heaven and Hell; fur hats, boat travel, chickens, and the hazards of writing.


Copies can be ordered directly from me. Please email to enquire.

Language: English

 The Mad Dog Café

The Mad Dog Café welcomes you for lunch, dinner, and live music on Friday and Saturday nights. Rustic lodging is also available for those who wish to over-indulge.  Third in the ‘Going out in the Midday Sun’ trilogy.

Published: Gangly Dog Publications, 2014

Pages: 323

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-291-93661-2

Staying out of the Midday Sun

Overview: Set in France, London and Las Vegas, ‘Staying out in the midday sun’ is the second part of a trilogy spanning twenty years, in which the heroes are challenged with the everyday: love, babies, gite cleaning, a new language, ageing parents – as well as shoot-outs, Las Vegas weddings, bureaucracy, duck gizzard salad and possibly the end of the world.

Published: Gangly Dog Publications, 2014

Pages: 322

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-291-61694-1

Going out in the midday sun

Overview: Four Londoners out of 8 million – through a series of coincidences their lives begin to intertwine . . . Part one of a trilogy set in London and the South of France.

Published: Gangly Dog Publications, 2013

Pages: 265

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-291-42036-4

Alfi Beasti – Don’t eat that!

Overview: Children’s book written and illustrated by Kate A.Hardy, partially based on the bizarre eating habits of her son . . .

Published: Puffin Books, 2003

Pages: 32

Language: English

ISBN: 0-670-91301-4