Published by Tartarus Press (13th March 2020)

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-912586-19-6.

2072 London is made up of two states: Londonia, a sprawling, anarchic area populated by thieves, travellers, barterers, self-proclaimed religious figures and ordinary people getting by and re-learning lost skills of survival, and The Cincture: a small but rich and powerful central state where chief concerns are speed-fashion and body enhancement…

Moving between the two societies is Hoxton an expert ‘Finder’ of desirable objects, her own past a mystery to be solved after a ‘mirror-dame’ (fortune-teller) informs her of something impossible to ignore. Hoxton’s life is thrown into danger and chaos as she commences the ultimate Find.


“This is a beauty! I was captivated by the protagonist’s situation in a heartbeat. Kate A Hardy is a highly compelling storyteller.”


Robin Millar

Record producer and social commentator