The second of a series of books set in 2070

Smithi, a botany teacher living in the Domes of Manchestershire, dreams of discovering what is ‘Out-side’. After devising a scheme of escape, he breaks out from the Domes and finds a world utterly different in every way to the clinical and highly controlled environment he is familiar with.Compelled to travel Southwards, he slowly makes his way to the Dorset coast where he meets someone who draws him into a new life in sprawling, anarchic Londonia.

After completing ‘Hoxton’, I wanted to write a sequel but decided to start it from a different place in my imagined England of 2070.

When writing stories of future times, I am always fascinated by the idea that surviving and far-flung communities would probably exist as separate units, having little or no communication with others. I based Smithi on this idea; the story opening in Manchestershire, a highly developed and self-contained, insular state which has no connection with either the surrounding, mostly, unpopulated areas, or to the other surviving towns and cities such as Londonia.


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Praise for ‘Smithi’

This is an exceptional story, well-imagined and very well written. You make an excellent job of introducing the reader to an unknown, alien world, without bogging down the narrative at any point with overt information giving. The world you have constructed is both chilling and entirely plausible. I look forward to reading the final published book.

A reader’s review on ‘Youwriteon’ website.